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A Bit About Us

It’s a bit ironic that I have opened up a cobbler shop and am now passionate about shoes. As a kid, I hated shoes and would go barefoot wherever and whenever possible, often into the winter. Wearing shoes just didn’t even occur to me.  After I fell in love with leatherwork, and got connected with my mentor Felipe, my relationship to shoes took a turn. Through Felipe’s passion, and beautiful teaching I began to appreciate shoes: how each one is its own puzzle, the long history of cobblers, and the value of repairing shoes and other leather goods.

Barefoot Leatherworks is an homage to my barefoot roots, and to the practices Felipe held, and that I aim to upkeep as well. Fixing shoes that would otherwise be thrown away, repurposing old leather and giving it a new life in a different form, and feeding a flame for a skillset that is rapidly becoming lost. Felipe taught me on sewing machines over a century old, with tools that have been used in the art of cobbling for generations. At Barefoot Leatherworks we cobble in traditional ways, with traditional tools. We offer cobbling, leatherwork, and miscellaneous leather repairs as well as custom leather accessories and tools.